Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Review Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018)

#CanYouEverForgiveMe (2018): 6/10

Can You Ever Forgive Me is based on Lee Israel’s 2008 memoir of the same name and stars Melissa McCarthy (‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Ghostbusters’) as Lee, a writer out of favour with her publishers and critics, and struggling to make ends meet, who begins to forge rare personalised letters supposedly written by deceased authors and playwrights.

We’ll be the first to admit that we have really not been fans of many of McCarthy’s comedy films, but she offers something different here. Lee’s booming exterior is just a mask for her vulnerabilities, as she struggles to afford to pay the rent and her cat’s medical bills. The standout though is Richard E. Grant (‘Gosford Park’) as Israel’s loyal friend Jack, who is wonderfully eccentric; his performance is effortless. McCarthy and Grant gel so well together that many of the most enjoyable scenes in the film are them simply sat somewhere, deep in conversation.

The story is no doubt an intriguing one. Slowly but surely, Lee gains confidence in her skilful deception that quickly turns into greed. It may not be the most exhilarating watch but there are some moments of real tension as Israel takes bigger risks in an attempt to swindle more and more cash from unsuspecting dealers. McCarthy’s prominent portrayal helps us to really sympathise with the character, a feeling amplified further during Israel’s closing monologue in court. One worth checking out.

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