Monday, July 6, 2020

Review The Nun (2018)

#TheNun (2018): 4/10

The Nun is the fifth film in The Conjuring Universe and the first chronologically in the series; The Nun first appearing in ‘The Conjuring 2’. A priest and a young Catholic novitiate, played by the real life younger sibling of ‘The Conjuring’s’ Vera Farmiga, investigate a nun suicide at a Romanian Abbey.

The film continues with the Universe’s theme of demonic possession, leading to the same supernatural and horror cliches, such as being forcibly locked in a coffin or separating the group in order to neutralise them individually. As for the scares, we’re fed the same stale jump-scare techniques that you have seen a thousand times before, and whilst they will always make you jump, you can’t help but feel they could’ve been a little more creative. Ironically, the most creative and scariest moment of the film was actually used for the film’s trailer, meaning there are no real surprises when it comes to that point in the film itself.

The character’s personalities and backstories are wafer-thin meaning we feel little for them once they are in trouble. The local townsman “Frenchie” even feels rather out of place to begin with, not unlike a narcissistic womaniser from a Disney film, before becoming more down to earth later in the piece.

Despite its decent special effects and make-up, The Nun adds to the growing number of disappointing horrors this year, which is a shame, particularly after the encouraging ‘Annabelle: Creation’. There is a nice link back to the main ‘Conjuring’ films at the conclusion of The Nun but this does little to redeem it’s poor quality.

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