Sunday, July 5, 2020

Review Toy Story 4 (2019)

#ToyStory4 (2019): 7/10

Toy Story 4 sees a return to the ‘Toy Story’ world some 9 years after ‘Toy Story 3’ graced the big screen. Many felt that the emotional conclusion of ‘Toy Story 3’ rounded the trilogy off nicely, bringing the curtain down on a series of fantastic films that kickstarted the Pixar era. Sure, we’d all love an extra helping of ‘Toy Story’, but there’s always that little bit of nagging doubt that the next will pale in comparison.

All the big-hitters are back for this instalment including Tom Hanks (‘The Green Mile’) and Tim Allen (‘The Santa Clause’), as well as newcomers to the franchise, comedy duo Key and Peele, and ‘John Wick’ himself Keanu Reeves. We rejoin Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang, now in the possession of Bonnie, who, at her orientation day at Kindergarten, creates a new toy out of spare parts called Forky, who proves a welcome addition to the Toy Story family.

The film focusses a lot more on the new characters introduced in the film rather than the core characters of old, although they all play a part. ‘Toy Story 3’ may have been the end of Andy’s story, but 4 acts as a continuation to Woody’s, as he struggles to move on and fit in with new surroundings. The film’s animation is more vibrant than ever, and is awash with great humour and heartfelt moments, despite a plot that occasionally feels forced in order to take the toys to new settings.

On the whole, Toy Story 4 does showcase less of the toy naivety and ingenuity we have come to love and isn’t quite on par with its predecessors, although in saying that, it still manages to pull off a just as powerful, emotional ending. The ending does feel very final, but if this franchise has taught us anything, it’s that you just never know.

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